Body & Massage Services

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We recommend showering prior to your treatment and completing a series for optimal service benefits. For additional information please visit our Spa Etiquette Page.

Pick Me Up

A firming and lifting full body rejuvenating treatment that prevents and treats sagging skin.

100 minutes       |       $230
Slim Down

This slimming and detoxifying body treatment both soften and re-mineralize your body. With slimming and detoxifying properties this is a wonderful treatment that will revitalize your soul.

100 minutes       |       $230
Fiori Body Glow

An all over body polish that helps to remove dead skin and enhance your natural glow. Soften and revive parched skin with this luxurious treatment. Choice aromatic scents are guaranteed to awaken your soul.

50 minutes       |       $150


Our body changes on a daily basis due to travel, a new workout routine, repetitive motions, and environmental and emotional stressors. Your therapist will ask a series of exploratory questions in order to help you determine which massage is best for you.

Custom Massage

What your body needs and deserves may be a combination of many modalities; sports massage, stretching, trigger point therapy, firm to deep pressure, or myofacial release. Let us help you decide what your body needs.

50 minutes       |       $150          or        100 minutes       |       $300
Four Hands Massage

An extraordinary full-body massage experience with two therapists working in simultaneously in tandem to restore harmony and balance.

50 minutes       |       $275
Couples Massage

It’s time to get away and enjoy each others company while being pampered side by side. Our couples massage isn’t just for lovers, but also for best friends. Share the experience with someone you love.

50 minutes       |       $300          or        100 minutes       |       $600
Fire and Ice Stone Massage

Fiori’s signature massage treatment combines the therapeutic qualities of a massage with hot and cold stones. Detoxifying and relaxing, the heat relieves muscle pain while opening the 7 chakras. The cold will awaken the body, calm inflammation, and promote healing.

100 minutes       |       $275
Maternity Massage

A Pregnancy Massage will give a mother the attention she needs to help nurture the new life growing within. Maternity Massages are available after the first trimester.

50 minutes       |       $150
Letto de Fiori (Bed of Flowers)

A shower-less body treatment that exfoliates, hydrates and relaxes the body while incorporating massage techniques. Perfect for all skin types.

50 minutes       |       $150
De Lusso Massage (Luxury Massage)

A luxury massage which combines relaxing, draining and energizing techniques for a highly renewing and tranquil experience.

50 minutes       |       $160          or        100 minutes       |       $320


Some add-ons may require additional time, please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

Aromatherapy       |       $25
Detoxifyling Back Treatment       |       $25
Hot Stones       |       $25
Reflexology       |       $35
Exfoliating Hand       |       $35
Exfoliating Foot       |       $25