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Let’s Soothe Your Mind, Body, And Soul

FIORI- the ultimate spa experience gives you a chance to indulge in the sterile and rejuvenating services at our Luxurious boutique spa in Houston. From the perfect spa sitting to a range of professional therapies makes you experience pleasure at its peak. You will feel every inch of the stress leaving your body and spreading freshness and positivity within.

Offering best skin care in Houston, we at FIORI strives to deliver most skilled and heart-warming customer service. The intimate environment with lavish setting having beam ceilings, oil paintings, exotic interior and advanced products makes you take a leap off from the hectic life and to treat yourself with our extravagant and most soothing services.

FIORI offers skilled nail service, expert skin care, a broad range of body massage and services and a rich wine selection to add a touch of luxury to your experience. Moreover, to feed your appetite we provide a full course lunch selection. There is so much to look for at FIORI. Unlike traditional spas, we focus on creating a much home-like experience for you so that your mind gets soothed and relaxed from inside out. We take you away from all the troubles and chaos of everyday life and in an extraordinary serene environment treat you with treatments that transform you completely.

Whether you came for a full body treatment or to get a quick nail color change, you will be treated with equal dedication and we will make sure that you get fully satisfied. Our professional therapist, stylists and beauticians have years of experience and knowledge to ease down customers by offering just the service they needed. From the moment you stepped out of our spa, you will feel a change in your personality, an elevated self-esteemed and a positive flare in your approaches. That’s because of the right techniques used at the right spot and at the right moment. Being the best day spa in Houston we have satisfied more than a thousand customers and help them get over their mental stress in just a couple of visits.